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junio 24, 2011


I have seen so many websites that claim that they sell “REAL HUMAN PHEROMONES”. Unless they are scraping sweat off of people, preserving it and putting it into bottles, THEY ARE LYING. Real human pheromones can only come from humans. They cannot be made with chemicals in a lab. There are only two types of pheromones. Ones that are based on the chemical makeup of the pheromones, and the fragrance based pheromones based on the scent of the pheromones. The chemical based Androstenol types are derived from steroids and can have potential harmful side effects as they are absorbed through the skin. Because of this they are NOT approved by the FDA for use in perfumes, colognes or cosmetics in the USA. These are the companies that usually claim their products contain Real Human Pheromones (very deceptive). The fragrance based pheromones are safe and effective. We recommend you only use the fragrance based pheromones and not the Andro based steroid ones.


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